Line drawing part of the day…

I begin to ask myself? Is there an easier way to consume and digest these texts?

I am comforted by the thought that Foucault was a slow reader.

More plants are needed, less inorganic clutter, more organics.

Badiou’s Pocket Pantheon reads like Pulp Fiction, fantastic fun.

Write now!

On Photography.

What interests me is curved space

Message From a Friend on Facebook:

Hey! I adore your pic’s! Is photography a hobby of yours or do you have any training? I wouldn’t mind getting into it but I don’t really know where to start… hope you’re doing well.
Andriko J. Lozowy November 22 at 6:41pm
Hi There,
Sorry for not really responding to any previous events you have posted. Been really busy, PhD is lots of mental acrobatic work. I am finding myself in a funny predicament. I have been photographing for years, some formal training, mostly just shooting with others and playing around. My partner Amy does actually hold a professional degree in Photography so some of her knowledge has rubbed off.
The thing with photography, and this I have learned from leading groups of youth through a process of photographing home, place, belonging etc, is that pretty much anyone can be a photographer. (My sense is that this notion can be extended to all forms of expression, i.e., music, painting… The notion is that anyone can do any of these things, and perhaps at a molecular and spiritual level ‘needs to’ and so they ‘ought to’, the trouble with our culture is that there is a professional accreditation for doing anything these days, so this means that most often people are simply not encouraged to explore areas of creativity (my sense is that unrequited, or latent creativity in the body after years of neglect breeds disease). Okay sorry so long story, but a question such as your poses a good question for me to consider and to follow a thought.

So where to start. Start with what you have, you have a blackberry right, and it has a camera. One old photographers sentiment is that the best camera is the one you have with you.

When I got my iPhone I laughed at it, well the camera part of it. Being that I have some dozen or so cameras all with superior capabilities, save for one, portability. These pics, or the series I’m currently doing on facebook represent only iPhone pics, then tweaked slightly with the Photoshop Mobile App. I want to create a series of Edmonton images. Thanks for the feedback, it is encouraging.

A wise man once said “DO IT NOW!” – Swami Sivananda Rishikesh