Praxis Makes Perfect

Yes, I am aware of: Praxis Makes Perfect, the second studio album by the popelectronicahip hop duo Neon Neon, which was produced by Boom Bip and Gruff Rhys, and the album was released on 29 April 2013 by Lex Records. I like the phrase, though it presents a logical problem I’ll return to later. For now…

This brief entry marks the first in an ongoing series where I tarry with the fact that I have a Ph.D. in Sociology and the fact that I have yet to land something like a tenure track job. The effort here is one where I hope this process of one image and less than 500 words of text, will help me to decouple the notion that I am of less value because I do not have x job. And, instead reaffirm that, most people do not do exactly what they were trained to do. So, the question I aim to answer here is, what else can I do, make, think, in relation to the training I am fortunate to have experienced beyond the narrow self-identification of Professor of Sociology. The thing I wrestle with is the ongoing mental chatter that repeats “I am less than because I have not attained to x.”

Back in 2006, when I applied to write an MA thesis I proposed to write about disability and architecture. So, the idea of writing about disability from a critical perspective has been present for some time. I ended up writing about Winter (see cringe-worthy writing here). This blog entry marks the first instance where I am actually publishing something I have to say about disability. This is it.

Problem: My partners farther has mobility challenges related to the fact that he has a rare degenerative condition known as IBM. Basically, his muscles are deteriorating. In a few days he will be coming to visit us. So, what can we do around here to make it easier? For starters, we can raise the height of a reading chair so he can have somewhere that is high enough for him to feel confident to stand up out of. The issue isn’t the sitting, its the standing. The standing is something he wants to maintain control and autonomy over.

Solution: Remove the 3.5″ tall legs off of both of the reading chairs. Buy 8′ cedar 4×4 post. Trim the 4×4 into a 2.75″x2.75″ post, and cut into eight 8″ legs. Drill holes and install hangar bolts into eight legs. Fasten to existing chairs.

Analysis: Is the DIY project a global remedy? No. But it solves a specific problem in our dwelling. Part of the reasoning here was to adjust both reading chairs to create visual and functional unity, as well as function within the principal that a ramp added where a step once was will increase the use value for a greater number of people (of course there is the issue of balance and how some folks do better with flat stairs than inclined ramps). The point here is that, we now have two chairs that sit 5.5″ higher off the ground, and for the majority of those who sit in these chairs, the difference will be hard to notice, and for those who need some structural assistance, the help is available for all bodies.


A reader shared this link with me – and now I share with you: 3D Printer Mods for IKEA stuff.